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Hunterdon HealthCare Partners (HHCP) invites the community to take advantage of two services focused on keeping people healthy. While no one ever plans to get sick, unfortunately it does happen.

Far too often, people wait until the onset of illness to choose a doctor. While Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) require the selection of a primary care or family physician, other plans do not. Therefore, most people put off making a decision until the need arises.

Unfortunately, sudden illnesses or emergencies do not provide you with adequate time to wisely choose a physician. As a result, many people find themselves going to the local hospital emergency room for care that quite often could have been provided by a physician in their private office.

Working from a commitment to provide high quality, patient-centered care, Hunterdon HealthCare Partners offers two enhanced services to the community designed to help patients in this confusing managed care environment. The first is the HHCP Physician Referral Service which can be reached at 908-806-9118. Staffed by courteous and knowledgeable professionals, the HHCP Physician Referral Service assists callers in finding primary care and specialty physicians, as well as hospital and home health services.

The second is the HHCP "Dr. Check List" (which can be printed from this site) that walks you through some of the key questions that you should ask when selecting a doctor if you do not already have one. By pre-selecting a primary care physician, you will already know where to turn when a medical need arises.

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